Friday, January 21, 2005

Urgent Friday Night Question

Is it acceptable that I just cleaned my bathtub with a wet paper towel? There are some things in life that I just don't really know to do. I mean, how do you deal with both dust and soap residue (or whatever invisible toxins might take up residence on porcelain) at the same time? I mostly make up my own three-quarter effect methods for things of this nature: in the case of the unsightly tub, I usually tackle it with plenty of Ajax, one sponge, and lots and lots of rinsing. But, somehow, there's always some stray dust floating in my bathwater, and I'm sure I'm pickling myself with remaining Ajax. It doesn't seem worth the effort.

I also don't know how to mop. Actually, that's not true - I think that I know how to mop but that mopping is innately ineffective. Until someone can prove that it's more than just pushing around dirty water, it remains the one task in our house I refuse to tackle (although I have been known to Swiffer Wet-Jet). And, in fact, if someone ever does prove to me that they can make mopping work, well then they should clearly remain the designated mopper - why cheapen them by taking their unique skill and making it universal?

Also - shower curtains. My, my, my, what a twentieth century burden. We shelled out way too much dough on our silly vinyl bathroom shield, and I don't want it to die a long and tortured death by mold. But how overwhelming is that expanse of plastic? And how do you clean it without pouring gallons of poisonous chemicals down your drain? I remember I once posed this issue when Juliet needed questions for an evironmentalist who was "speaking" on one of her P.O.V. websites. Was there every any resolution? Help me, cleanly friends.