Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Blooms Before the Gloom

New York was springlike this weekend and I clocked 20,000 steps, or 6 miles, according to my very snazzy, electronic Christmas gift on Saturday alone, just enjoying the sun, the gloveless weather, and the open windows in apartments and brownstones everywhere. I was worried that the effects of Friday night's Estrogen Potluck, so named for its all-girl attendees, might put a haze over the morning, but the sun burned right through my hangover.

(As an aside: votes were cast and it was decided that I was the woman with the highest estrogen levels. These were mostly women that I've only met a couple of times - what should this say to me about my first impression on people? I decided it was because I can reach the highest octaves in an ordinary conversation and like to gossip. No one offered up any other explanations.)

Sunday, Mark and I did some more strolling and found ourselves in a plant frenzy. Watching us juggle our plant purchases on the blocks towards home seemed to make passerby smile. When we put them in their new places of residence in our little house, they definitely made me feel pleased and full of a pre-spring springtime glee.

Things took a terrible twist at 2pm on Sunday night when I was attacked by the ferocious flu that's going around. If you read this entry, well, consider my a liar. No one in our house got much sleep, and I was thankful that I'd just cleaned the toilet a couple hours earlier so that I could curl up against it with abandon. I make this reccomendation from experience: if you have pre-cognition, ESP, or someone around you has the flu and you think you are soon to succumb - if you for any reason whatsoever suspect that you may have to vomit - do not, I repeat, DO NOT, eat popcorn.

I spent yesterday moaning and sleeping and sweating and shivering. I think the new Prayer Plant was praying for me because today I went back to work, snacked on applesauce and graham crackers then went whole-hog with a dinner of a veggie hotdog and tatertots (nothing like tatertots for replenishing lost nutrients.)