Sunday, February 13, 2005

Love Thy Neighbor

While I'm a little loathe to confess it in writing, I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I have, from time to time, modeled certain life fantasies of mine on the series Friends. Let's admit it - who hasn't daydreamed about sharing an apartment building with their own friendset, a neighborhood haunt whose chairs are exclusive to their crew, plenty of free time and income enough to dispose on daily coffee purchases? The Friends fantasy is what insidiously replaces longings for a return to communal college houses once life fills up with work and the trappings of adulthood - when you like your space and your time in it, and you don't need your bestfriends to share a bathroom with you, but you would die with joy if you didn't need two subway lines and advance scheduling to get to them and could just go sit in their kitchen on a lazy Saturday morning or watch bad tv together in your pyjamas for two hours on a Thursday night.

Until I can afford to buy an apartment building and convince my real life friends to make like a sitcom with me, I have the next best thing in my friend Sam. Just 2 blocks and 3 avenues away from one another, we've been neigbors for more than a year, and I love it to so much that I've been dreading her moving away ever since she unpacked. For a couple months we've been going on Sunday night movie dates. They've done wonders for the Sunday night blues. Unfortunately, do to my complete and utter inability to enjoy a trip to the movies without popcorn, I can't say the same for my waistline.

Purchasing my popcorn and soda combo for tonight's movie (Million Dollar Baby) I had a funny interaction with the guy at the concession stand during which I mistook the question "diet?" for "a-ight?"* and would have wasted 2 bucks on a diet Pepsi had Sam, who knows my tastes well, not mimicked the actual question and made me realize the mix-up. When I cracked up and told the dude that I thought he had said "aight" I felt this huge age chasm open up between us. It was like I was trying to convince him that Hammer pants were still cool, or something. Good think I didn't need to impress my date.

*How do you spell that? Is there a way to do it without the hyphen?

Alright, it's time for bed. I'm going to pretend to have to kick-out Joey and Chandler and I'm going to close my curtains on Ross. Good night.