Monday, May 02, 2005

Weddings Galore

My dear friend Hillary is getting married. This weekend my fellow bridesmaids and I descended on Baltimore to join aunts, childhood friends, grandmas, cousins, and soon-to-be in-laws for a celebration. The weather cooperated and showered the future bride all day Saturday and all of Saturday night, making our matching one dollar "emergency ponchos" not just fashionable, but useful, and we swished around the city turning heads with our noisy clear plastic garb. We viewed a kinetic sculpture race from the side of a mud pit, and saw a ten-foot high pink poodle, a “Kafkaroach” and a birthday cake, all of which were mounted on bicycles, compete for the finish, went salsa dancing and duck-pin bowling (apparently Babe Ruth's favorite sport) and watched Hillary’s elders play with a fart machine. It was a wedding shower in true Hillary fashion: loopy, fun, and decidedly out of the ordinary. My favorite part might have been when I discovered that the snow cone maker and 4-pack of flavored syrup that the future bride had unwrapped and greeted with such glee had actually been purchased from her registry. (Further exploration of her registry just revealed such necessary items as KRISPY KREME 6PK FUDGE ICED GLAZED ($3.99) and STICKER MINI MIXED DOGS ($1.99))

The bowling bride.

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